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Virtual Personal Assistants: Hire Virtual Personal Assistant at Reasonable Cost

Virtual Personal Assistant

Gone are the days when only the rich and famous could afford personal assistants. Nowadays, anyone with excess workload can hire a personal assistant virtually.

Ninja virtual personal assistants are trained to handle client inquiries, send important emails and quotations, maintain a calendar, order gifts online, and many more.

Dial +1-408-426-5817 or email at contact@ninja-va.com to
know how virtual personal assistant can help you manage work efficiently.

Utilizing virtual personal assistant services enables you to get get
a cost-effective solution and ample time to focus on your
core competencies. our virtual personal assistants are highly professional and
experienced, so they can easily manage and streamline all
your important information on a regular basis to ensure that
the company keeps functioning smoothly.

If you start hiring employees especially for virtual personal assistant,
it might cost you a fortune. And not miss the infrastructure
costs, the procurement of computers and other resources
necessary for data entry related work.

Or you can take the easy way out. You can hire our virtual personal assistant and preserve your time and energy,
which are crucial elements for the progress of your business.

The Process

Virtual Personal Assistant Process

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Be a part of the elite roster that
utilizes Virtual Assistants.

Given below are the services that our virtual office assistants offer:

  • Managing contact lists and customer spreadsheets
  • Maintaining a calendar and set up meetings
  • Taking transcription and handling correspondence
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Handling billing and accounting
  • Preparing and sending out email newsletters
  • Preparing, collating and shipping proposals and meeting materials
  • Sending out the requested information to customers
  • Handling client inquiries by phone or e-mail

Our skilled and seasoned Virtual Personal Assistants have a solution to all your problems.

So what are you waiting for?


Who is a virtual personal assistant?

A virtual personal assistant is the one who handles all your personal and office tasks or we can say he performs all the duties of a personal assistant remotely.

Do a virtual personal assistant performs only personal tasks?

No, not at all. A virtual personal assistant can lend you a helping hand in the personal and professional tasks-both.

What kind of tasks a virtual personal assistant can perform?

They can help you with client handling, resolving queries, billing, and accounting, managing calendar, setting up meetings, personal shopping, birthday and anniversary arrangement, etc.

How does a virtual personal assistant help in achieving work-life balance?

Sometimes in order to manage the office tasks, you have to compromise personal time. But virtual personal assistant can help you by managing both kinds of tasks and help you to achieve work-life balance.

Is a virtual personal assistant more expensive than an in-house personal assistant?

No, not at all. In fact virtual personal assistants are more cost-effective in comparison to the in-house personal assistant as they work remotely and you do not have to bear employee expenses.

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