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Whether you are a start up, SMB or a large multination, you cannot avert working with large volumes of data. Streamlining and managing volumes of data requires time, effort and lot of diligence. And if you are a start-up owner or SMB you simply don’t have either the time or resources to manage it all in-house.

In such a situation your best bet would be to outsource data entry tasks and hire a data entry virtual assistant. This would help you save time as well as money to concentrate on other core activities that demand your attention.

At Ninja VA we have been providing professional data entry virtual assistant services to help you manage all your data effectively and accurately so as to ensure smooth running of the business. We have helped clients from across the globe maintain a smooth running of their business by managing their data efficiently.

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Utilizing data entry virtual assistant services enables you to get get
a cost-effective solution and ample time to focus on your
core competencies. Our Data Entry Virtual Assistants are highly professional and
experienced, so they can easily manage and streamline all
your important information on a regular basis to ensure that
the company keeps functioning smoothly.

If you start hiring employees especially for data entry work,
it might cost you a fortune. And not miss the infrastructure
costs, the procurement of computers and other resources
necessary for data entry related work.

Or you can take the easy way out. You can hire our data
entry virtual assistant and preserve your time and energy,
which are crucial elements for the progress of your business.

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The Process

Data Entry Virtual Assistant Service Process

See what others are saying.

I got in touch with Ninja-VA last year to help me with online research and data entry task. I was quite skeptical initially but my experience has been thankfully very good. The VA assigned to me was diligent and a quick learner which made it very easy to work with him. He was efficient in his work and always completed his tasks on time. His communication skills were good so there were no hiccups and work went on smoothly. I would definitely recommend Ninja-VA for their excellent service and affordable prices.

Joe Capone

Company Name: Joe Capone
Designation: Owner at OmniMedi Financial

I contacted Ninja-Va over a year ago to help me with complex data entry and online research. My ongoing experience with the freelancer and Acelerar over that year has been outstanding!

Chenoa Rangel

Company Name: Managing Director at Ominto
Designation: Managing Director at Ominto

For anyone who needs quality Virtual Assistant services, Ninja-VA is the answer. I have worked with Ninja-VA on a number of projects for more than a year and my experience has been very satisfactory. I would definitely recommend them to businesses.

Elmari Strauss

Company Name: Elmari Strauss
Designation: Freelancer, South Africa

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utilizes Virtual Assistants.

Our Data Entry Virtual Assistant Services Include:

  • Inserting customer and account data by inputting text based and numerical information from source documents
  • Compiling, verifying accuracy and sorting information according to priorities
  • Reviewing data for any glitch
  • Applying data program techniques and procedures
  • Generating reports, storing completed work in designated locations and performing backup operations
  • Maintaining confidentiality of information

So start saving time and money by delegating your strenuous tasks to our data entry virtual assistant. All you have to do is submit your tasks. And our VAs will handle the rest.

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