As an entrepreneur, if you ask me how many hours in a week do I work, I’d probably say…I am always working.

Be it within the office, outside office or even at home during dinner, I am always working. And I am pretty certain that’s something every entrepreneur will be able to relate to.

A perfect work/ life balance in this ever competitive sphere sounds elusive.
We wear too many hats. Yes… try to do too many things and often find ourselves swimming in a pool of mundane tasks that take up much of our time in the day leaving us little to no time for ourselves or our family.
You’re probably thinking…. But do we have a choice when running a business or organization?
Fortunately, we do!

Virtual Personal Assistants

This is what this blog talks about. I have listed some of the virtual personal assistant tasks that you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant or Virtual Personal Assistant whatever you choose to call it.

First things first….

Who is a Virtual Personal Assistant and why do I need one?

Well…Virtual Personal Assistants are much like personal assistants only virtually.
Persona VA perform tasks similar to that of a personal assistant or secretary however unlike personal secretaries or office assistants they are not physically present in your office or home.

Why do I need one?

Virtual Personal Assistants can help you in myriad ways.

From handling mundane administrative tasks like managing emails, scheduling appointments to more complex tasks like market research, product entry, bookkeeping etc, Virtual Personal Assistants can do almost everything so you can prioritize effectively.
Here are some benefits of Virtual Personal Assistant tasks outsourcing:-

  • Help you save time and money
  • They are professionals who are experts at handling given tasks
  • They do not require fixed compensation and are paid hourly or contractual basis.
  • Less of a hassle than hiring a full-time employee.
  • Increases your productivity as you can now focus on core areas of your business.

For instance, your Virtual Personal Assistant can make all the arrangements for your travel or that business meeting with a prospective client that you have been meaning to have but could never get around to getting everything organized.

Having said that, let us now take a look at some virtual personal assistant tasks that you can outsource

1. Email Management and Filtering as Virtual Personal Assistant Tasks

Virtual Personal Assistant Tasks - Email Management

One of the common everyday tasks that you can outsource to your Personal Virtual Assistant. Your inbox is flooded with emails every day. Some are important and require immediate attention, some are not so important while the rest are just spam.
Let’s face it…. this very task of organizing emails to weed out spam and then sitting down to responding to the ones that are important can take up most of your time in the day.
This is where Virtual Assistants can help. From filtering emails to sending out replies on your behalf, they simply take the stress out of a somewhat mundane yet important task.

2. Data Entry as Virtual Personal Assistant Tasks

You’re probably thinking what is so complicated about feeding details into the system that I cannot manage in-house?
Well…It isn’t as easy as it sounds.
Data entry requires skill, precision, and accuracy. What if you or one of your employees accidentally enter a figure in millions instead of billions in your books… you can well imagine the impact it would have.
Virtual Assistants are skilled professionals who are experienced and can carry out such tasks with 100% accuracy thus saving you time and money so you and your employees can focus on core areas of the business.
Little wonder then that data entry counts as the most commonly Virtual Personal Assistant tasks to outsourced.

3. Social Media Management as Virtual Personal Assistant Tasks

Virtual Personal Assistant Tasks - Social Media Management

There is more to social media than just creating a profile and posting relevant content every day. Being active and responsive across all social channels is the key. And that requires time and consistent efforts which most business owners don’t have.
Here are some of the social media tasks that your VA can do for you:-

  • Interacting with the audience by way of comments and responses.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of profiles across all channels
  • Scheduling and creating posts
  • Keeping  eye on the competition
  • Running campaigns to achieve business goals.

But it is important to choose your social media Virtual Assistant wisely because they will be giving out messages under your brand name.

They will be the voice of your brand.

Make sure to choose a good Virtual Personal Assistant to outsource the task to, from a good organization having handled similar projects in the past and work with them closely. Brief them about your organization, your brand and monitor their activities.

4. Personal Assistance as Virtual Personal Assistant Tasks

Personal Virtual Assistance

I never thought I needed a Virtual Personal Assistant. I always thought I could manage it all.
After all, what is so difficult about planning agenda for the day ahead? Scheduling appointment with my dentist or making reservations for my upcoming holiday with my family?

Well…I was wrong!

As my business grew I found it more and more difficult to keep a track of meetings and often found myself forgetting petty things like doctor appointments, family get-togethers etc.. I never seemed to have enough time to get everything organized.

I was a complete mess.

That’s when I read somewhere about a personal VA. I decided to go ahead and give it try to see if it worked.

Well, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’d ever taken!

Priya, my Virtual PA helped me with not just my office tasks like planning appointments/meetings but also with my personal tasks too.
From making reservations for my upcoming travel, scheduling appointment with my dentist to managing payments and utility bills, you name it she did it bringing in that much-desired order in my life.

5. Market Research as Virtual Personal Assistant Tasks

Virtual Personal Assistant Tasks - Market Research

Now this one is a no-brainer. You can take help of your Virtual Assistant to find out information about the business from the web or dig out some info about your competition.

While all of this information is vital in formulating business strategies, scouring information from the World Wide Web can be challenging and time-consuming.

Virtual Assistants are skilled professionals who can carry out such tasks efficiently without you having to waste your precious time.

Now that you are aware of some of the tasks that you can or should outsource to your Virtual PA so you can concentrate on some core tasks, you’re probably thinking about the next step i.e to hiring a Virtual PA.

Fret not for you are at the right place! Get in touch with us about your requirements and we will take it up from there.

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