If you are like 2 billion other people in the world, you probably check the Facebook newsfeed even before you reach out for the morning newspaper.

From staying in touch with friends and family to checking out products for shopping, Social Media has become an integral part of our lives. It’s pretty easy to stay active on social media and does not require much effort.

After all, opening an app, checking the feed and posting something witty every day is no rocket science!

And it should be the same for businesses, Right?


Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social Media for businesses is more than just posting witty content each day.

It’s about creating awareness about your product/service

It’s about reaching out to prospective customers and getting them interested in your company or what you offer.

It’s about getting people to follow your brand with the hope that they will eventually buy your product someday

It is all of it and more…

With that, let’s talk about some of the ways Social Media helps businesses


Brand Development – Are you an interior designer or event planner willing to sell your services?

Great….You can use the power of social media to tell people about some of the previous projects you have handled, events that you managed. A good post with an image and a catchy description to go with it should do the trick.

Of course, you don’t expect to be flooded with requests from the very next day but be consistent and people will begin to take notice.

Social Media platforms are an effective way to generate awareness about your product and brand.

It enhances your online presence and offers a less formal setting to engage and interact with your prospects.

It gives voice to your brand.


Attracting New Customers – Social media can be a powerful platform to gain and attract new customers.

All you need is an interesting post with images or video to tell your followers about your new product

Also, you can leverage social media advertising to create campaigns targeting certain groups of people. The power of social media is infinite.

In fact, a popular study by Hubspot revealed that 71% of people are likely to make a purchase based on social media reviews and referrals.

Attract New Customers

Generate Revenue – Social Media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc have advertising options which enable businesses to run campaigns to promote and sell their products or services or to generate leads.

Also advertising on social media is more cost effective than other online mediums like PPC ads on Google etc.


Research – Are you an entrepreneur planning to open a takeaway joint in your neighborhood?  Information on other food joints in the area, their offering, customer reviews etc can give you a head start in the direction.

After all, social media is not just about socializing and building connections.

Find out what your competition is up to. What people are saying about other products in your industry etc? This information can be valuable in formulating strategies for your business.

Virtual Research Assistant

Facilitates Active Communication – Social Media facilitates two-way communication between you and your followers. You can receive feedback/views/complaints etc and respond to them accordingly by way of comments.

That way the audience will be able to better relate to your product/brand which in turn will boost their confidence in your organization.


Get Targeted Traffic – What are one thing that all businesses small and big want from their online presence?

You guessed it right!


For a store owner, his primary goal behind all promotions is footfall i.e more and more people visiting his store. More the number of people visiting his store, the greater will the chances of sales.

More People = More sales.

The same logic applies to online businesses. They want more and more people to visit their website or social media page. They want TRAFFIC.

Through your social media posts, you can get people to take the desired action like click a link, fill in a form etc which in turn will land them to your website or the product page.


And mind you, they are not just anybody with no clue or interest about your offering who come to your website rather they are people who are aware of your brand, probably even follow you on social media and are looking to know more about your business.

Sounds like a lot of work? You bet!

Effective social media marketing requires time and effort. And time is something most business owners never have.

And that is also why you need a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Here are a couple of things that a Social Media VA can do for you.


Create and manage your Business Pages and Accounts – It is not just enough to create a profile on social media. Managing and updating them with all relevant details about your brand or offerings is a lot of work.

Add to it the multiple social channels where you have a presence. You get the picture!

That’s where your Social Media Virtual Assistant can help.


Create a Content Calendar – Social Media Virtual Assistant is a social media expert who understand how the social media channels work, what kind of content work best, etc.

They can come up with interesting content ideas and can create a content calendar for you for all your social channels. All you need to do is just go through the content calendar and give necessary recommendations. That way you are still in control of things without having to do much yourself.

Social Media Virtual Assistant is also adept at using various tools like Hootsuite, Buffer etc to schedule your posts in advance.

Monitor and Moderate Comments – Now this one is the most important activity for any business.

Managing your online reputation.

When your customers and followers leave comments, feedback or queries about your product/service, it is important to respond to them promptly. This will make them feel valued and important and therefore strengthen their trust.

This can be handled very well by the Virtual Assistant and you would not have to worry about a thing!


Research – From digging out content ideas to keeping an eye on the competition, your Social Media Virtual Assistant can carry out such time-consuming tasks with great plan. They can even find and build connections, join communities and groups that may be relevant for your business.


Saves Time and Money – If you’re like most business owners you are probably always short of time. That’s precisely why Virtual Assistants are so important for you. They take things off your plate leaving you enough time to do things that you should be doing.

Now you’re probably thinking why don’t I hire a full-time employee to manage my social media as it is going to be an ongoing task??

Well….of course, you can if you are prepared to go through the rigmarole of sorting out resumes, taking interviews, short listing candidates and negotiating salaries.

Yes….that’s a lot of work!

Hiring a virtual employee is less of a hassle. You simply contact companies offering remote assistance and tell and them about your needs. That’s it, now you can sit back and relax while they do the headhunting to give you a virtual employee best suited to your needs.

They are most cost-effective as you pay them only for the duration they work for you! No more worrying about leaves or other employee benefits.

That saves a lot of money, doesn’t it?!!


Manage Campaigns on Social Media – Your Social Media Virtual Assistant will be well aware of how to run ads on Facebook to increase sales, get leads or simply to reach out to more people.

They are skilled and qualified professionals who are experts are effective targeting, budgeting, writing copies etc for your Facebook ads. They even know techniques to optimize and constantly monitor campaigns to ensure optimum results.


They are Social Media Experts – Rest assured, Virtual Assistants are experts at the assigned task. They have the necessary skill and qualification to execute the tasks effectively.

Social Media Virtual Assistants are experts of all social channels and know how they work, their users etc.


Prepare Monthly/Fortnightly Reports – There is no point spending money on hiring a VA to manage your social media if it’s not yielding desired results for your business over time!

Has your engagement gone up or down in the last few weeks? Has the traffic from social media increased over last month?

How many conversions have you received from social media in the last one month?

Have your followers increased over the previous month.


All of these answers help you understand if social media is working for your business. You can get your VA to compile all this information into a report for you.

You can even get your VA to see what kind of posts get maximum reach, likes, and engagement so you can strategize accordingly.

Still unsure about hiring the right Social Media Virtual Assistant?

Don’t Worry, We can help. Get in touch with us at Ninja-VA and we are sure to have an answer to your dilemma.

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