Do you know what the formula for squeezing the best outcome is?

It is the best effort…

These days even the trend followers know what kind of impact e-commerce businesses are making over the customers.

And due to this, e-commerce ventures never go out of trend when…

… Entrepreneurs or any businessmen think of starting any new venture with a view of making a profit.

Now here comes the most important part:

How to have a perfect beginning of an e-commerce venture?

And for this, you need to have a suitable platform that can cater to your all e-commerce business needs.

And you know what:

SHOPIFY is one of the top names that come into the minds when it is about qualitative performance and easy management of the e-commerce store.

But even Shopify gives you the best results when managed like a PRO.

Thus, lack of time, expertise and money are a few strong reasons that compel everyone to fall for a Shopify Virtual Assistant.

Let’s Throw Some Light On Why Shopify Virtual Assistant Is Required?

Why Shopify Virtual Assistant Is Required?

“The success of an e-commerce store depends on the customers’ satisfaction.”


I am sure when you are happy with any particular product or service, you go for it again and again.

Also, you would like to recommend it to others as well.

This is how the sales and revenue of an e-commerce store increases.


We can say this is the power of CUSTOMERS.

So, it is your duty to serve your existing and potential buyers with the best services whenever they need it.

And you know what:

Whether it is about fulfilling the orders, order processing, resolving customers’ queries, managing social media or any other task.

“A Shopify Virtual assistant is competent enough to handle all the tasks efficiently and help you with the best Shopify store management.”

One thing is for sure:

To handle tons of tasks effectively is not everyone’s cup of tea.

“But if some expert is there to manage the Shopify store, it ultimately results in effective management and smooth running of the store.”

Despite being the easy set of Shopify stores, it is not easy to make money out of it.

This is where Shopify Virtual assistant comes into the picture.

And to acquire the best resource for your Shopify store, there are certain things that you can consider while hiring.

Let’s Check Out- How To Hire A Shopify Virtual Assistant?

Prepare A Structure Of What You Want To Be Done:

To get anything done in the right manner, firstly you should communicate it in the right manner.

If you expect that simply talking over the phone will solve the purpose…

…then let me tell you, my friend, this will not work.


The thing is:

You need to elaborate, all your requirements in the right manner to get it done appropriately.

“Simply, document the process and the way you want to get it done.”

So that you can handover it to the Shopify virtual assistant and he can proceed accordingly.

This is the basic step that you need to follow before outsourcing so that you can present your needs precisely.


It’s Time to Work on the Job Description

To find the right talent and skill set, it is important to clarify what all you are looking for, in your Shopify resource.


“This will help you to attract the most suitable and eligible Shopify Virtual assistant who has adequate knowledge to manage your Shopify store effectively.”

Else, hiring a wrong VA may end up with the disastrous results that you have never envisaged.

Never forget to prepare a precise JOB DESCRIPTION that contains every skill and requirement to run your Shopify store.


For instance: 

Mention if any specific language is required, any tool you will be using, specific list of tasks, daily targets, etc.

This approach helps to comprehend the most IDEAL CANDIDATE as per your Shopify business needs.

Product knowledge

Product knowledge

Product knowledge is one of the important factors you should look out in your Shopify virtual assistant.

No matter what kind of products you are planning to sell on your Shopify store.

What matters is:

“The product knowledge of your Shopify VA must be enriched enough to handle every product efficiently.”

Without product knowledge, it is just next to impossible to segregate the product categories and subcategories.

Furthermore, you can leverage the product knowledge of your Shopify VA to market the products in an incredible manner.

Thus, make sure that the resource you are owing has the adequate product knowledge to resolve the customers’ product related queries timely.

Competency To Manage Custom Domain Effective:

Do you know?

When you set up a Shopify store you have two options in the concern of domain to opt from.

Either you can go for the custom domain if you are looking forward to building up your new brand…

…Or you can simply go for selling your products without worrying about the brand name by opting for Shopify’s domain.

But you know what:

“You need a highly skilled Shopify virtual assistant to manage the custom domain and DNS effectively.”

So that you can have a smooth and hassle-free brand building journey.

Thus, this is one of the most vital skills to look for.

Drop shipping Management

Drop shipping Management

Your Shopify store is developing well and doing pretty good in the market…

Now, what next?

May now you would love to focus on scalability and feel the need for dropshipping.

“To hire a perfect Shopify VA, give a check to his dropshipping knowledge.”

Through dropshipping, you can sell your products using a supplier.

As he will be responsible for holding the inventory and its shipping for you.

Therefore, the VA can help you by finding the most lucrative dropshippers and managing all the relevant affairs associated with it.

Even if you hire Shopify’s dropshipper, they can help you with purchasing from suppliers and delivery processes too.

Order Processing Skills

Order Processing Skills

In an e-commerce business, ultimately it is about the customers’ satisfaction.

And this comes from effective order processing.


While processing an order there are several steps involved to process the order timely.

From invoice management until delivery of the product, all this requires effective management skills.

This will help you ensure order fulfilment within a quick turnaround time.

“Hence, you need to analyse the order processing skills while hiring the Shopify virtual assistant.”

Because without management skills, it is not at all possible that order is being processed smoothly.

It may lead to delay in delivery, mismanaged invoices, etc.

Inventory Management Calibre

Inventory management calibre


What is there in your stock and what is not? Which item is available in the offer and which is not?

Who will take care of all such activities?


Maybe you are not aware:

But before hiring any VA you need to find out his inventory management experience and caliber.

“A Shopify VA must possess good knowledge of inventory management.”

So that he can look after catalogue management, product uploading, product stock updating, updating special offers on the product, etc.

All suck tasks need specialized skills to perform the tasks with ACCURACY.

You might be aware:

Inaccuracy while entering the product details and offer may hamper the product sales and revenue too.


Every work profile has its specific requirements and this goes for Shopify virtual assistant too.

Shopify is one of the widely used open-source platforms which needs to be handled efficiently if one is eager to make money out of its Shopify store.

Thus, there is a need for a competent Shopify Virtual assistant who is well-versed with the ease and complexities of this platform.

It is all about the specific skills that make a resource an ideal fit for the Shopify VA profile.

It can be inventory management skills, order processing skills and many more.

Still, there are many more that can help you if you are also struggling with How to Hire a Shopify Virtual Assistant?

Simply go through the above post and find out what are they?

Have you ever hired a Shopify Virtual assistant? How a VA helped in the effective management of your Shopify store? Feel free to share it with us…