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Virtual Real Estate Assistant @$6/h: Virtual Assistant for Real Estate | Free Trial

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real estate business isn’t just about selling beautiful homes and villas as most of us tend to think. Rounds of negotiation, discussion, lot of running and coordination with external agencies, all these form a part of the real estate game.

Proper documentation, legal formalities, inspection etc. all precede a real estate deal. Now that is a lot of work. Lot more than a real estate virtual assistant can handle.

Maintaining a database of prospects, calls, scheduling meetings, managing listings, viewing properties all these activities make for a typical day in the life of a real estate virtual assistant. If you are a business owner, add to it the tasks of website management, marketing, social media etc.

Real estate professionals have tight schedule attending meetings one after another, squeezing in time for property viewing, inspections etc. They are literally on their feet all day.

It is nearly impossible for a single person to manage all the tasks but thank god for Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services, you can now get help with managing your business without hiccups.

Ninja VA—Virtual Assistant Services for Real Estate offer complete assistance for real estate business like, calling, scheduling appointments, documentation etc. At Ninja VA, our real estate virtual assistants are experts who understand the real estate industry thoroughly and understand exactly what your business needs to scale up sales.

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Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services Overview

Maintaining a Real Estate Database – Database is the lifeline of real estate business. It is a comprehensive list of all clients who may have expressed interest in buying a property through some medium at some point in time. It contains all past and prospective clients who they would like to keep in touch with discussing future property requirements or referrals. From adding names to removing names of those who don’t wish to be contacted, the task of updating the list can take up the entire day. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant can make calls to people and update the database effectively.

Real Estate Website Management – It is important to keep your website updated especially in a market as volatile as real estate. It is important to keep your website up to date with new properties, prices, features, photos etc. so clients can get all the information they are looking for to be able to take a decision. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants are skilled at performing necessary research and then updating the website with accurate and correct information.

Lead Generation – Generating new leads is essential but is also time-consuming. Real Estate Virtual Assistants are experts in the industry and are familiar with different ways of generating leads. So while you concentrate on sales and operations, your Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help you with a steady flow of leads.

Property Listings – Listing your property on other websites can help you get more visitors and in turn leads for your business. There are different websites that are popular where you can list your property. Real Estate Virtual Assistant can take of it for you.

Research for Pricing – In a fiercely competitive market such as real estate your properties have to be competitively priced else you will lose out to competition. Aggressive pricing requires thorough research about competition, similar properties, area, location etc. This can easily be performed by our Real Estate Virtual Assistant. Real estate virtual assistant will do all the research and present you with the findings you can then use to calculate the prices.

Sending out Emails – It is simply not enough to just maintain a database. You need to keep in touch with your contacts by sending them weekly/fortnightly e-mailers about your new properties for sale, latest offers or in general some tips and information pertaining to the industry which they might find useful.

Online Marketing and Social Media – Real Estate businesses need a robust presence on social media. Equally important are other forms of online marketing like press release, blogs, classifieds, Google Search listing etc. That is something which is best outsourced to your real estate VA so you can concentrate on core areas like sales.

The Process

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Service Process

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Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services Include:

  • Listing Coordination
  • Closing Coordination
  • Social Media Management
  • Custom Marketing Materials
  • Confirm daily appointments
  • Add properties to website
  • Set and confirm appointments with Sellers and Buyers
  • Keep a constant check on popular real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, RedFin etc.
  • Other miscellaneous stuff

With high level of professionalism, enthusiasm and cutting-edge technology, our real estate virtual assistants are committed to our client’s success. From daily tasks, listing maintenance, closing coordination, lead generation to social media marketing. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants can do everything efficiently. So, now, what are you waiting for? Hire a real estate virtual assistant and boost your productivity.


Who is a real estate virtual assistant?

A real estate virtual assistant is the one who works remotely and assists you to manage your real estate business by managing various tasks effectively.

How does a real estate virtual assistant help business grow?

There are a lot of tasks in a real estate business that realtors need to deal with on a daily basis. A real estate virtual assistant saves your time and manages real estate ventures to streamline it.

What kind of tasks a real estate virtual assistant can perform?

A real estate virtual assistant can help you with database management, customer handling, property listing management, scheduling meeting, resolving customers’ queries, social media management and many more.

If a real estate virtual assistant works remotely, how can I connect with him?

You have multiple options to connect with a VA as per your convenience. You can connect via chat, email, phone call, hangout, and Skype too.

Does working remotely somewhere hampers productivity?

Not at all. As they are professionals, they know very well how to work effectively even from a remote location. In fact, VAs are the most cost-efficient options who gives you a high level of productivity.

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