One thing is for sure, the remote team is proving to be a boon to save the money and access a large pool of talented professionals.

Isn’t it interesting?

Probably you might be wondering:


What Is A Remote Team?

The answer is, like any other team, they also work for your organization with a vision to achieve a common goal.

The whole team is committed to complete the work together and share the responsibility to fulfil the objective.

“But just the thing is, the team will be present in your office as they work remotely that’s why called the remote team.”

This kind of team is also addressed as a virtual team.

Adding to your knowledge:

Nowadays work efficiency is no more confined to an enclosure of office space.

Instead, being facilitated with the feasibility of working remotely keeps the team more contented.

“And in return, they show more dedication towards work that ultimately leads to improved efficiency.”

The time has changed, you do not need to rely on the PRESENCE of employees or a team in the office to improve the final outcome.

In fact, a scenario has turned out where employees can work without the constraints of timings and office rule.

This is why their thought process is not at all limited and they can let their thoughts evolve for better productivity.

Don’t you think even a remote team can do better in terms of output?

Of course, yes…

Though they are not present in the office still, they are able to make their significance in the success of businesses.

Do you know?

Being impressed with the efficiency, businesses are inclining towards remote team speedily.

“But there are certain mistakes that people generally commit while working with the remote team.”

So, in order to take the full advantage of working with a remote team just gander what mistakes you should seriously avoid.

Else it may hamper your company’s growth graph immensely.


Communication Gap Between Employer And Remote Team

It’s been a long time since I have met my friend.

And when we met he has a lot of things to share and I really had no idea what is going on in his life.

I admit it is my mistake that I never tried to connect or stay in touch.

I agree…This is all because of the COMMUNICATION GAP.

If I could have connected with my friend frequently or could have engaged in regular conversation, this won’t have happened.

But you know what?

This might happen with you also while working with a remote team.

When you assign some work to anyone it is not like simply delegate and forget about it.

You need to be acquainted with every progress update in the concern of assigned work.

Like your in-house workers, even they are an important part of the organization…

…And you need to monitor their work also by being connected.

“Try to conduct short meetings on a daily basis so that the remote team can also feel their accountability.”

There is one thing that everyone knows:

Communication gap is the biggest factor that can make you land up far away with the desired results.

“So if you are communicating and giving your feedback on the work done then obviously you will get the results as envisaged.”

But if you are not communicating with the remote team you may end up with something you don’t want.


Reliance On Emails Only To Connect With The Team


How many times do you check your email inbox in a day?

Probably, one or two times.

This is quite obvious, everyone is busy doing their own work.

People do not have that much time to check emails at the gap of an hour.


So how could you even expect your remote team to respond over the email in a short span of time?

They might also get engaged in some other work.

Thus, if you are relying on the emails to connect with your remote team…

…Then let me tell you, my friend, this will not going to work.

“This is one of the biggest mistakes to commit while handling a virtual team”

You need to switch to different other ways to connect with your virtual employees.

It is better to opt for some options like phone calls, video calls, etc. that can connect you INSTANTLY…

…And make your remote team aware of the concern if there is any.

Another thing is:

It is not possible to elaborate on the points and discuss them effectively via emails.

Also, it will eat up a lot of your time if you want to convey a lot of things to your team.

Furthermore, there will be chances of miscommunication and doubts, which later on again needs to be cleared via phone or video call.

Then why to waste time sending an email for big and deep discussions?

“I am not saying emails are not effective but in the concern of discussion with the REMOTE TEAM, it is better to look out some other option.”


Not Checking The Experience And Exposure Of The Remote Employees


Yes, if you are not checking the experience of the remote workers then you are committing one of the biggest mistakes.

Most of the time businesses carry a very common misconception regarding remote team or employees that is they are always experienced.

It is not like that they are not experienced, just the thing depends on your business requirement.

Maybe the kind of work you want to delegate needs a good number of years of experience and exposure.

Or maybe you need any specific skill set for the successful completion of work.

One thing is for sure:

“No one would love to risk the quality of work by simply just hiring anybody.”

After all, it is your business and you have nurtured it like a baby.

So, if you are delegating an important part of the business…

…you need to be completely aware of who you are delegating and what skill they possess?

“Remote employees having a good track record of excellence is the key to the successful growth of a business.”

And you need to find this out before hiring a remote team.

“This will help in better results and better efficiency from the remote team.”

Like you do in case of hiring the in-house employees, in the same way, you need to put efforts to check out the necessary qualities required in a proficient virtual team.


Lacking To Clarify Your Goals And Expectation


What you will explain, you will get… this is the approach that will decide what kind of results you will get.

You might be wondering:

What is this all about?

The thing is, what kind of results you are getting at the completion of work depends on how well you have elucidated your work requirements.

For instance:

Have you ever given any step by step instructions to anyone?

What happens when you miss even a single step…?

Probably, the ultimate outcome is not as desired.

This is the thing that goes with the remote team also.


They are not present in your office to whom you can just go to their work station and explain.

“At the very beginning of imparting the work to a remote team, you should precisely elaborate about your goals and expectations.”

So that they can have a fixed mindset about what and how should carry out the tasks to achieve the desired goals.

This is another factor who must keep in mind while working with the remote team.

In case, you don’t get what you wanted then again your team of remote workers has to work on it.

Eventually, the work that would have completed much earlier will again consume time to be completed as desired.


Not Understanding The Game Of Time Zones


Every coin has two sides.

Similarly, on one hand, there are the advantages of time zones that are fostering flexibility in work…

And on the other hand, if businesses are not understanding the game of TIME ZONES, it is becoming a hindrance while working with a remote team.

No doubt, due to the presence of the REMOTE TEAM and virtual assistants it has become feasible to access skilled talent from any part of the world.

And because of this, there are chances that your remote workers may belong to a country having a different time zone.

“So, if really want to maximize the productively and handle the team effectively you need to act taking the time zones under the consideration.”

Analyze a situation:

Suppose the origin country of your remote team is having the time difference of around 10 hours.

When there is daytime in your country, there is a night in another country.

And you want to schedule a meeting.

Do you think it will be possible to mark the presence of every team member in the meeting?

It will be a bit difficult.

Thus, if you are ignoring the time zone aspect, it might be one of the mistakes that can make it tough to deal with a remote team.

You need to find a mid-way out and choose the timings suitable for everyone.

Also, you can fix some core working hours which will aid to have the presence of the team at a DEFINITE time.


Updating The Virtual Team Too Late

Are you aware what the key to client satisfaction is?

Just think for a while…


So what is your approach to ensure delivery of work on time without hampering the work quality?

Probably, you keep an eye on the work going on…

In case if there is any update or any changes in the assigned work, you prefer to appraise your in-house employees.


“The same approach you need to follow while working with the REMOTE TEAM.”

But if you are procrastinating to inform your remote team about the changes, it is your business only which will be at loss.


If a virtual team is working on a project or some tasks, they are giving their best efforts and time.

And if any changes are there and you didn’t inform timely, the results will not be as desired.

Ultimately, their lot of time will be wasted in doing the work that is not meeting the expectation of the client or organization.

Furthermore, they have to invest their time again to do the same task.

Therefore, by avoiding such kind of mistake it is easy to bring the desired results out of the team working remotely.

Most importantly:

They are not at hands distance who you can inform anytime like an in-house employee.

Little extra efforts need to be put on keep them updated with the requirements.

“This will help you to get the work exactly as you wanted just in one-go.”



Thanks to technology, innovation, and the Internet that has really made our lives sorted and hassle-free.

And in this concern, one of the biggest examples to quote is the Remote team.

The fact that can be ignored is the kind of productivity and quality the virtual assistants and team deploy.

That is the reason why the demand for virtual employees is burgeoning fiercely.

But a thing is productive when used in the right way.

The wrong approach may lead to wrong results as well.

Thus, there are certain mistakes while handling the remote team that can immensely affect the productivity graph.

Communication gap, miscommunication, etc. are few factors that should never exist while working with a remote team.

Still, there are many mistakes that committed even by experts.

To prevent yourself from such errors, read the above post and enrich your knowledge.

Have you ever worked with a remote team? What were the difficulties you faced that hampered the teams’ efficiency?

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