You might have observed, there is a very common concern that lingers on with every businessmen irrespective of the size of the business.

It is hardly a matter of concern whether it is a startup or a well-established business.

Can you tell me- what is that?

Just give it a thought…


Am I right?

Being a business owner, you also might have the same concern- How to increase or maximize productivity.

And the one-stop solution to this concern is Virtual assistant in India.

Yes, you read it correctly.

Virtual assistance has proved to a boon not only for the startups which are struggling hard to make a mark…

…but also for the established businesses who are seeking ways to improve the efficiency and output.

You might have noticed rich are getting richer, this just because they wanted to do so.

In the same way, even well-settled businesses do not stop making efforts to refine their overall performance.

And you know what?

Somewhere this is one of the biggest reasons why Virtual assistant in India is getting so much popularity.

Wait, wait, wait… Is the word” Virtual Assistant” something that you can’t get your head around?

No worries, let’s have a quick brief about what is a virtual assistant to have a better idea.

Virtual assistants are the professionals who work for your organization remotely.

They can help you with administrative, technical, social and many other kinds of tasks.

They can be either self-employed or the can be a part of a company which sources virtual assistants.

You can either then on an hourly-basis or task basis, it depends on the structure they follow.

I hope now you are well-versed with the concept of virtual assistant in India.

Are you still inquisitive to know more about them?

Let’s dive little deeper to understand their worth…

You know what?

Virtual assistant India is not meant to serve any specific type of organization.

It is hardly a matter of concern whether you are running a startup or an established business.

But one thing is for sure…

You can still take advantage of virtual assistant services in India and make a difference to your business.


Check out some points how startups are leveraging the virtual assistants in India.

Access to expertise

Have you ever cooked anything?

Probably, you might be thinking, where this question does come from?

Trust me:

 This question will make the scenario more relatable.

Imagine the situation; if you don’t know cooking and some guests are arriving at your place for dinner?

I know what a mess it can be…

In such a situation,

I am sure you would be on cloud nine if you get a cooking expert to assist you or to handle your task completely.

And to bring to your notice:

The same sort of scenario prevails with the startups also.

You might agree:

When you get into a startup everything is new and also you do not have enough knowledge of the market.

And being new in the market, you need to add immense quality in your work to make a mark.

That’s where virtual assistant in India comes in the picture.

You may be new in the market but virtual assistants in India are not.

They hold exposure to handling various projects leading to their honed skills.

Enabling them bringing out the best version of the task.

Being new to the market maybe you lack in finding the skilled resource for your company.

Also, possibilities are there that in-house employees you hire are not so much familiar with the innovative ways of doing the tasks. But with a virtual assistant, you can expect expertise in every task you delegate.

Focus On Worthy Tasks

Being an owner of the startup you might have “N” number of tasks to handle.


And obviously, the time is limited…

But to ensure efficiency in the company you need completion of every task on time.

So, how is that possible?

It’s possible simply by getting the top-notch work done by the virtual assistants in India.

I know there are thousands of works in an organization but do you think every task worth your time?

It doesn’t mean I am questioning the importance of tasks.

It is just that tasks like data entry, follow up with the clients, responding queries, administrative tasks, etc, can be delegated…

…but when it comes to planning, strategizing, meetings, etc. are some tasks that need your personal attention.

C’mon, you have a startup; it’s the initial phase…

You need to invest your time on more important tasks that can aid you to mark your significance in the industry.

This way, you can easily manage the workload and focus towards making better the best.

And you know what:

The most important thing a startup requires is your TIME.

The more time you give to your business, the better you can ideate and execute.

Established Business

You might be wondering:

Do established businesses also hire virtual assistants in India?

Then let me tell you, my friend…

Yes, they do…

Check out some points what makes the businesses hire virtual assistants:

Impeccable customer service

There is a very common saying- Customer is the king of the market


Just think about it:

Who is the one to judge whether the product or services offered by the company are good or bad?

Who recommends and share their reviews about the company offerings?


Being the owner of a renowned and reputed business, I hope you understand this very well.

Thus, you lay emphasis on serving the customers with the best services.

And in this concern, nothing can be better than getting the virtual assistants in India to serve the customers.

VAs help by reducing the response time over queries, showing 24*7 availability, instant replies, call attendance, etc.

The best part is:

Hiring virtual assistants from different time zones make it feasible for you to aid the users 24*7.

This helps to prevent the users from abandoning the website and delivers them impeccable customer experience.

And I am sure; this kind of assistance is not at all possible if you choose in-house employees over the virtual assistants.


I think hardly there is any person who does not like to make GOOD the BETTER, and BETTER the BEST.


This is the reason why businesses take the help of Virtual Assistants.

Isn’t it great?

If you have the option to get the qualitative work at comparatively less price, I don’t think you would refrain.

Virtual assistants are one of the top choices made by the owners to improve performance and efficiency in their business.

This is because they are the reliable source of getting the quality resources just in one go.

When you hire an in-house employee, it requires your lot of time to find the quality resource and train them.

But in the case of virtual assistants, you can save a lot of time and invest in your work.

It is because virtual assistants in India are already trained and experienced professionals.

You do not need to invest time imparting hiring and training the VAs.

And the best part is:

You have the feasibility to get the work done by the experts as they are experienced enough in their core areas.

So, now you decide:

Don’t you think all these qualities really help in improving the efficiency of an organization?


This is an undeniable fact that the demand for virtual assistants in India is burgeoning fiercely.

And the reason behind this is the productivity they deliver.

According to statistics, remote workers rate their productivity 7.7/10 whereas the in-house employees have rated their productivity 6.5/10. 

The stat clearly says that the productivity level of the virtual assistants is really high and this is really essential to reach exceptional heights in business.

So, whatever type of business an individual is dealing with- a startup or an established one. Virtual assistants do make a great difference in the final outcome irrespective of the size and nature of the business.

To have some more clarity of thought, you can simply go through the above post and dig out the reason to opt for virtual assistants. Have you ever availed the virtual assistants for your startup or established business? If yes, do share what all difference you notice in your business growth?

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